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Scott Rothenberg
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Scott Rothenberg, Attorney at Law

Williamson County and Round Rock, Texas Law Office

Scott Rothenberg wasn't born in the Great State of Texas, but he got here as quickly as he could. In the 1960s, Scott grew up in one of the roughest, toughest federally funded housing projects in Queens, New York. He credits his near daily encounters with Northeastern big-city muggers, thieves and assorted other never-do-wells with honing his negotiating skills for use as an attorney later in life. How bad was the neighborhood? Scott's scores on public school standardized tests were so much higher than his colleagues that they literally cost Public School 105 tens of thousands of dollars in federal education grants.

When Scott's dad became ill in 1970, everyone in the family pitched in to keep the household going. For Scott, that meant attending school full time and working a variety of after school jobs on the equivalent of a full-time basis. Despite losing dozens of hours to work as a newspaper delivery person, grocery store stock clerk, and Italian restaurant pizza maker (yes, Scott really did learn how to hand-toss an authentic pizza dough), Scott graduated from Beach Channel High School as a member of the academic honor society and the fencing team in 1978.

After a brief stint at New York University, Scott settled in at the State University of New York at Albany in Albany, New York. It was easy to focus on academics at SUNY-Albany since the average temperature there from November to February was expressed in single digits, usually with a negative sign in front of it. Through a series of intra-campus tunnels, Scott enhanced his college academic experience, learning first hand about the virtues of Emerson, Lake & Palmer, Genesee Cream Ale, Freihofer's chocolate chip cookies, and the sturdy but loving women of Upstate New York.

All good things must end in life, and so did Scott's carefree college days. Upon graduation with honors from SUNY-Albany in 1982, Scott packed his record albums into his 1974 Buick Century and headed south by southwest to Houston, Texas. The first 30 miles of this trip were symbolic of Scott's Texas experience over the past 30 years. Despite having the car thoroughly checked by a mechanic, while driving over the Outerbridge Crossing, barely one-half hour outside of Queens, New York, Scott heard a loud BANG and immediately pulled over. The date was August 12, 1982, and the loud bang Scott heard was the exploding of a high pressure line that was attached to the air-conditioning compressor. The temperature in New Jersey was a balmy 77 degrees, so Scott figured he could wait to have the air conditioning fixed when he got to Houston. Boy, was that ever a mistake! On August 14, 1982, Scott pulled into Houston, Texas. The temperature and the humidity were both hovering around 100. Welcome to Texas!!!

Scott spent three uneventful years at the University of Houston College of Law, earning his juris doctor degree in January of 1986. To learn about how Scott has spent the past third of a century in a professional sense, please click here to be taken to Scott's lengthy, impressive and incredibly boring curriculum vitae. As for the other important stuff, Scott met his first (and present) wife, Lisa, in a dental chair in September of 1986. Scott was in the chair and Lisa, a dental assistant, was over it. It was love at first cuspid scraping. Lisa and Scott were married in October of 1986 (somewhere in the middle, but don't ask Scott, it keeps getting him in trouble). They began popping out critters in January of 1989 (Daniel), another in June of 1990 (Jared), yet a third in August of 1991 (Benjamin), before they finally broke down and installed satellite TV (Dish Network). That worked well until a three-day break in April of 1999, when they switched to digital cable from Time-Warner. That resulted in the birth of child #4 in December of 1999 (Jacob).

As the years have rolled by, Scott and Lisa find themselves early in the second decade of the 21st Century with four strong and sturdy adult sons. Despite authoring and/or presenting all or part of over 140 continuing legal education articles and presentations, Scott's proudest accomplishment is the loving relationship that he has with Lisa, his wife and life partner of 35 years, and his four sons– Daniel, a senior proteomics scientist for BioNTech US in Cambridge, Mass., and a PhD graduate from the David H. Koch Institute for Integrative Cancer Research at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology; Jared, a mathematics teacher and assistant baseball coach at Memorial High School in Spring Branch, Houston, Texas; Benjamin, the Marketing Program Manager for Buzz Points, Inc., in Austin, Texas; and Jacob, a political science dean’s list student at the University of Houston scheduled for graduation in May of 2022, and an academic honors graduate of Cedar Valley College in Lancaster, Texas, and pitcher on the Cedar Valley Suns intercollegiate baseball team.

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